The Charleston Place, Charleston, SC

Mon. May 6th to Wed. May 8th

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Mon. May 6th to Wed. May 8th
The Charleston Place, Charleston, SC

SÖKKVABEKKR (Old Norse: [sɔk:wabek:r]; “treasure bank”) is Saga Wisdom’s annual technical conference, where knowledge and merriment are shared together in keeping with ancient Viking customs.

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The Charleston Place
Entrance of The Charleston Place Hotel

We've secured an excellent group rate of USD $359/night available from Mon. May 6 to Wed. May 8, 2024, at our stunning venue, The Charleston Place. You can book now to secure your rom, since they will sell out. Attendees can also book directly with the hotel Reservations Office by calling 800.611.5545 or via email at reservations@charlestonplace.com.

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